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Authentic Sex with Juliet Allen

Nov 28, 2017

What do these 3 topics all have in common? Well, they are all taboo and all loaded with stigma! In this episode I talk about how I have learnt to love money, love my slut and embrace my desire for a lot of sex. And you can to! Listen and learn about how the topics are so deeply linked to each other.

Nov 21, 2017

Sex education in schools is extremely inadequate and quite frankly, a bunch of shit! In this episode of Authentic Sex I talk about what I wish I'd learnt about sex earlier on in life! This is a great listen for parents and teachers who are ready to give children the sex ed they deserve.

Nov 14, 2017

The Sacred Slut resides within us all, both women and men - she's not ashamed of her sexuality, she embraces it all and owns that part of herself. This episode of Authentic Sex is all about how everybody can embrace their sacred slut and fully...

Nov 8, 2017

How can we enjoy self-pleasure on a daily basis and fully embrace our pussy and our sensuality? In this episode I talk about practical ways that you can enjoy your own body and your own pleasure.